MPS Hanseatic UG

One Management from musicians for musicians

MPS Hanseatic is a branche of our enterprise that may be best described by the enthusiasm with which we persue projects and the compassion we have in develop- ing these projects both constructively and individually. In a very close and personal environment we plan the building up and positioning of a band or solo act on the market.

A conceptual and well structured approach followed by a conesequent implementation culminates in a well thought through analysis of the applied measures thus setting ideal parameters for a lasting career. Years of experience in booking international music acts meets creativity and a distinct sense for service – these are the key factors to success of MPS Hanseatic. MPS Hanseatic operates within the field of managing bands and solo acts (up to the conception of 360 degree models), consultation, booking, tourmanagement and concert production.

We look after bands such as Saxon, Santiano, Oonagh, Doro Pesch, Wirepushers, COP UK, COP UK, Sascha Paeth, Beyond The Black, Full Metal Cruise, Wacken Open Air only to name a few.