About Us

What started as a dream

When we had the idea in a bar to organize the Wacken Open Air in 1990, we never imagined that it would become such a huge success. There was no such thing as a „5-Year-Plan“, we tried many things, made many mistakes, fell down but always got up again. With the support from our friends and families but also with a sense for the Metal community and the music scene we were able to build a network of people that complement, learn and profit from each other.

Today ICS (International Concert Service) is a home to many different companies: The Wacken foundation and Metal travel, the Booking and Touring Agency, a Publishing Company and a Merch and Ticket Distributer.

Our network is not limited to the Wacken Open Air, but also to new ideas such as the Full Metal Cruise – Europe ́s first and only Heavy Metal cruise or the worldwide W:O:A Metal Battle where bands from 40 countries get the chance to present themselves.

No matter what we do, we do it with passion for the music and for the Heavy Metal family! This family was the source of everything and this family will always be our motivation to go on. No matter what we have achieved – we remain fans - and we are a part of the best community in the world: Loyal, tolerant and honest.

The music scene is growing steadily and so is the ICS Network. We are looking forward to this!

In Metal we trust!


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