Wacken Foundation

We Support Metal!

The Wacken Foundation is a non-profit foundation for music culture, dedicated to the funding of artists and bands of the hard rock and metal genre. Subject to funding are artists, bands, authors and composers from the metal scene.

The members of the board of trustees among others singer DORO evaluate and debate on the numerous applications and finally present their nominees to the executive commitee. The Wacken Foundation may be supported financially or by donations in kind. But other forms are possible.

Additionally the employees and volunteers of the Wacken Foundation are actively generating donations through different projects. During the festival tour of the foundation, established in 2013, donations are being collected through for example raffles and at the same time the foundations' purpose is being communicated at the festivals.

The Wacken Foundation has a own camp on the W:O:A. In this camp you can find different companies and organisations which are working in cooperation with the Wacken Foundation. The W:O*Art Tent is also a part of the Wacken Foundation Camp, Artists exhibit fascinating art with topics of hard rock, heavy metal and the Wacken Open Air. Furthermore, we do polesitting and our deposit collecting action in which volunteers of the foundation collecting bottles, cans and cups to donate the deposit into the Wacken Foundation.